Salbuta Blogger Template Free Download (2022) Updated

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Salbuta Blogger Template Free Download: Today, I will share the Salbuta Blogger Template for free download. Salbuta Blogger Template the file is not null or cracked; it’s a 100% Original GPL file, and you can use this Salbuta Blogger Template GPL on your unlimited websites.

Salbuta Blogger Template
Salbuta Blogger Template

Salbuta is a blog & personal, responsive Blogger template with a stylish grid light & gradient, multi designs & columns, and an easily customized design with nicely-explained documentation.

Salbuta Premium Template For Blogger Free Download

Salbuta Blogger Template Or Salbuta Blogger Theme Features

  • Fully Salbuta is 100% fully responsive to work well on all devices including (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones).
  • RTL Supported Salbuta supports RTL directive (demo 1 – demo 2)
  • UiKit 3 Based Template Salbuta is based on Uikit 3 library that provides you with a reasonable typography idea and many different features.
  • Multiple Design Styles Salbuta has Gradient and Light styles with multiple choices to use.
  • Custom Posts Layout Salbuta has 4 post designs (Default Post with Right Sidebar – Post with Left Sidebar – Full-Width Post with No Sidebar – Post with Full-Width Header ). Whole-Width Title can be counted to any of the other 3 design styles.
  • 1 & 2 Columns Salbuta has can be set to 1 Column or 2 Columns. The sidebar can be allowed or disabled in the index, posts, and fixed pages or many of them.
  • Wavy Type Salbuta has a wave-like shape in the heading and footer. This can be allowed or disabled as you want.
  • Salbuta has a Sticky Navigation bar on the Header top while scrolling. This can be allowed or disabled as you want.
  • Drop & Mega Menus salbutamol blogger template 2 levels drop-down menus and single & multi mega menus to display featured posts with a slip of your favorite. You can utilize Drop Down and Mega Menu several times as you require.
  • Sticky Last Sidebar Gadget Salbuta blogger theme has a Sticky Last Sidebar on top while scrolling. This can be allowed or disabled as you want.
  • Grid Posts Filter Salbuta blogger template has a Grid Posts Filter to sort articles using tag names that can be modified from the widget. This can be allowed or disabled as you want.
  • Grid Posts View Salbuta has a Grid Posts Outlook option to choose between developing or shrinking articles. Expanding posts will display entire posts or shrinking posts will display photos just with the title in a tooltip. This can be allowed to allow users to specify the style they want or disable and choose any style they want to be the main as like. Also, you can allow or disable shrinking for all different types of posts including Mega posts, Related posts, and Featured posts on the mistake page. when you allow shrinking by defaulting or the user shrinks them using the View choice, those posts will be shrunken also.
  • Grid Posts Images Auto Height Salbuta theme by default has grid posts cropped according to width and height modifiers and has a fixed length. You can allow the grid posts pictures to have the auto-size and cut according to the width modifier just.
  • Infinite Scrolling Salbuta blogger theme includes the choice to load more posts on the exact page without shifting to different pages. This can be allowed or disabled as you want.
  • Highly condensed Documentation Salbuta has positively condensed documentation that describes every part of the template. Too, there are agencies to help you make some of the template content efficiently.
  • Custom Pages (Label, Archive, and Search) Salbuta has a traditional layout for the blog pages (Tag, Archive, and Explore). With the grid articles view choice.
  • Youtube Videos Support Salbuta helps with Youtube videos photos. If your post accomplishes your ideas and has a Youtube video, the Youtube video picture choice be decided automatically.
  • Customized Social Icons Gadget Salbuta has a plugin that lets you put your sociable page’s links inside the standard Blogger Link Index widget to display social icons.
  • Custom Posts Comments System Salbuta Posts Comments design has existed made from zero. Every piece of the theme has existed changed to provide the finest layout and user training. It includes a package with multiple lovely feelings to be utilized by users.
  • Custom Error 404 Page Salbuta has an integrated, quick, and easy Mistake 404 Page with several random posts to improve the user flow speed. These random posts can be allowed or disabled as you want.
  • Translation Ready Salbuta has the choice to edit all texts employed to your best words or language. All these texts are collected jointly in one location for comfortable editing and not spread throughout the template.
  • Complete Collection of Shortcodes Salbuta premium blogger template has a nice handpicked collection of shortcodes including (Tabs “Vertical & Lying” – Accordion – Icons – Attention– Controls– Tooltips – Carousel – Slideshow – Grid Design– Alignment Styles– Blockquotes). All these shortcodes in the demo exist living defined inside the Documentation. In multiplication, you can utilize the different entire Uikit 3 Short Codes.
  • SEO & Advertisements Salbuta is Search Engine Optimized and Ads Prepared as you can place your ads everyplace and in between Grid Posts.
  • Structured Data Included in this theme has completely accurately added structured data which will improve your whole blog search results in all search engines.
  • Browsers Compatibility Salbuta premium theme Supportorting the major internet Browsers Including (IE11, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Edge) almost all.
  • Blogger Theme Designer Salbuta also supports the Blogger template Designer to be able to modify the Font, Link & Hover Colors, Background of the template without any coding ability.
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Salbuta Blogger Template Updated Version 1.2 Added

Theme NameSalbuta Blogger Template
Latest Version UpdatedSalbuta Blogger Template v1.2 Premimum

The newly salbuta blogger template fetched updated v1.1 to v1.2, today we updated this article. Now you can download the new Salbuta template v1.2 easily and use it on your blogger websites.

image 3
Salbuta Blogger Template Changelog v1.2

we forcefully suggest you purchase the original file from the owner

if you want to try these files then download them from here

Note:- this file was downloaded not from us, we downloaded these files from different sites, telegram channels, and youtube videos. so use it at your own risk.

Demo Visit website

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