Shadow Battle Mod Apk 2.2.56 (Unlimited Money)

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Shadow Battle Mod Apk 2.2.56 (Unlimited Money)

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New features in 2.2:

  • New EPIC heroes: Dragon Master and Project TX (2.2.27)
  • New game mode: Scan & Hunt (2.2.27)
  • Remove internet requirement
  • 4th Star Boss battle: Unique mechanics
  • Experience Fragments: Much faster and easier leveling
  • Remove Hero Upgrade wait time
  • CUBE rebalance
  • Online multiplayer: The Arena
  • New game mode: Arena 3v3
  • Leaderboards
  • Engine upgrade
  • Improved control
  • Completely new UI
  • And more!

    The description of Shadow Battle

    Shadow Battle Mod Apk a stunning atmospheric project in the genre of fighting, represented by Studio Blackhole. The game has absorbed the canons of several game projects that made it distinctive, dynamic, and unique. However, here, users have presented a new battle system, and the characters themselves look like shadows of righteousness, which immediately brings back memories of the exciting mobile Shadow Fight quest.

    The battles occur in two forms or modes: story and quick action, and note the multiplayer presence. For the war, the player will need to choose your warrior, represented by only five. In particular, these guys are much like characters from marvel comics, but to assert their presence impossible. All of them have several significant differences, all different fighting styles, active skills, and techniques.


Due to intuitive navigation to adapt to the process is quite simple. The display features a virtual joystick and a key of the blow, responsible for the hero’s behavior in the arena. I should say that by using this button, it is already possible to defeat the opponents. In addition to standard strikes, an elaborate system of special techniques, four combinations for a single warrior can bring down a fatal blow, shots, and so on. The use of these methods depletes energy and is compensated for quite a long time, so use the techniques in extreme cases.

The Visual component of the game reminiscent of the style of the previous game Shadow Fight. Here, however, some differences give it flavor. On the background of each battle adorn the well-designed scenery, the animation worked at the highest level. For better immersive gameplay and victory over rivals, we offer you to download a free cracked version of Shadow Battle Apk for Android. Mod a lot of money will give you additional benefits, against which no real player would not survive.

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