Understanding vRealize Operations metering and reporting

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As a part of the VMware Cloud Supplier Program, Utilization Meter gives automated metering of VMware merchandise which might be used on-prem and paid primarily based on a pay-as-you-grow foundation. One of many merchandise which might be a part of this program is vRealize Operations.

vRealize Operations brings clever operations administration with excessive visibility on utility to storage throughout bodily, digital, and cloud infrastructures. By using its policy-based automation, operations groups can automate key processes and enhance the general IT effectivity of their organizations.

How does Utilization Meter work with vRealize Operations?

Utilization Meter used to detect vRealize Operations after vCenter server has been added for metering. The excellent news is that that is now over! vRealize Operations is now not auto-detected and added for metering in the identical approach as the remainder merchandise supported by Utilization Meter.

Why is that this necessary? As a result of we purpose to enhance the consumer expertise by eliminating the urge to register the vRealize Operations occasion related to a registered vCenter.

Utilization Meter helps a number of vRealize Operations (vROps) deployment eventualities:

  • A managed vRealize Operations server monitoring a single tenant.
  • A hosted vRealize Operations server for a number of tenants.
  • A hosted vRealize Operations server that manages VMs hosted by SP or hosted on buyer’s premises.
  • A vRealize Operations server configured with a number of vCenter servers.

That are the supported vRealize Operations Supervisor variations?

Utilization Meter 4.5 has now assist for vRealize Operations 8.6 and later and has a granular method to metering the managed VMs. Though, Utilization Meter 4.4 and 4.5 each assist vRealize Operations model. 8.6 or later, solely Utilization Meter 4.5 gives granular metering of VMs a part of license teams. We are going to broaden on that within the following paragraphs.

Here’s a glimpse of the vRealize Operations variations supported by the broadly obtainable Utilization Meter 4.4 and 4.5:

vCloud Utilization Meter 4.4 vCloud Utilization Meter 4.5
VMware vRealize Operations 8.6.2 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.6.1 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.6 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.5 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.4 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.3 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.2 Appropriate Appropriate
VMware vRealize Operations 8.1.1 Appropriate Appropriate
Desk 1: Utilization Meter Compatibility with vRealize Operations

How is vRealize Operations metered?

vRealize Operations utilization is metered after the vRealize Operations occasion is added for metering within the Utilization Meter internet utility.  The vRealize Operations license version is retrieved by Utilization Meter from the vRealize Operations server throughout every information assortment.

Utilization Meter robotically detects the next vRealize Operations editions:

  • vRealize Operations Commonplace
  • vRealize Operations Superior
  • vRealize Operations Enterprise

vRealize Operations metering is predicated on Digital Machines monitored by a vRealize Operations occasion.  Suppliers are chargeable for reporting utilization for monitored VMs and OSI Cases (which characterize non-virtualized servers). Test the Product Utilization Information for directions on how to do that.

Utilization Meter 4.5 doesn’t observe OSI cases monitored by vRealize Operations or add-on packages comparable to Blue Medora.

Metering of vRealize Operation model 8.6 or later

Utilization Meter 4.5 checks the model of vRealize Operations as soon as it establishes the connection to the occasion. If the detected vRealize Operations model is 8.6 or later, Utilization Meter checks for VMs a part of license teams. If there are such, Utilization Meter 4.5 experiences them towards the very best vRealize Operations version assigned to that license group. In case there’s a VM a part of a number of license teams, then Utilization Meter will report the very best version of the primary license group it queries.

For vRealize Operations cases with variations prior to eight.6, Utilization Meter 4.5 will solely report the monitored VMs towards the very best vRealize Operations version that has been related to the product.

Tips on how to optimize vRealize Operations metering?

Utilization Meter connects to a vRealize Operations server utilizing the account supplied by the Utilization Meter administrator.  Utilization Meter will meter all VMs which might be seen by means of the supplied account.

To meter solely a subset of monitored VMs, for instance, to divide monitoring by Tenant, vRealize Operations ought to be configured to filter the monitored digital machines to incorporate solely a subset of the VMs deployed to the monitored vCenter occasion.

That is achieved by creating a brand new account in vRealize Operations and configuring Function Base Entry Controls to limit the view of the account to the specified Digital Machines.  The RBAC restricted account and credentials are supplied to Utilization Meter when the vRealize Operations server registration is accomplished. 

Test the next data on methods to carry out metering on a subset of VMs monitored by vRealize Operations: Metering a subset of VMs monitored by vRealize Operations.

How is vRealize Operations utilization reported?

Utilization Meter experiences each managed and unmanaged vCenter servers. Managed vCenter servers are metered by Utilization Meter. The unmanaged vCenter servers are which aren’t metered by Utilization Meter.

The unmanaged vCenter servers might be related to just one vRealize Operations occasion if monitored by a number of cases. This would be the vRealize Operations occasion with the very best version. VMs a part of unmanaged vCenter servers can be reported as soon as irrespective of what number of vRealize Operations cases are monitoring them.

vRealize Operations is reported by Utilization Meter 4.5 as both Flex Add-on or standalone. When vROps utilization is reported as a Flex Add-on, the metric is the Avg Capped Billed vRAM, whereas reported as standalone, the metric is the Common Variety of Digital Machines monitored by vRealize Operations throughout the reporting month.

The next guidelines apply to the reporting of vRealize Operations:

  • vRealize Operations Commonplace, Superior and Enterprise editions are reported as a Flex add-on or standalone relying on the supplier’s desire.
  • vCenter servers utilizing vRealize Operations will all the time be reported as a standalone line merchandise on the month-to-month utilization report as (unmanaged) if they don’t seem to be added to vCloud Utilization Meter.
  • When vRealize Operations version is reported as standalone, and the vCenter servers monitored by it are added to Utilization Meter 4.5, then the month-to-month utilization report will embody a single line vRealize Operations version (managed).
  • Unmanaged vCenter Servers are related to just one vRealize Operations occasion if monitored by a number of vRealize Operations cases. The VMs of these unmanaged vCenter Servers can be billed as soon as primarily based on the vRealize Operations occasion with the very best version.

vRealize Operations in vCloud Utilization Perception experiences

Within the Digital Machine Historical past report, you’ll find details about what vROps license version has been related to a VM. This data is accessible underneath the vROps column within the report. The abbreviations used are E (Enterprise), A (Superior), and S (Commonplace).

As we beforehand talked about, Utilization Meter 4.5 will examine for license teams in vROps and report the very best license version detected for a VM if vROps is model 8.6 or later.

Determine 1: vRealize Operations license version per managed VM

Within the Month-to-month Utilization Report, vRealize Operations is reported as an Add-on or standalone. Unmanaged vCenter Servers are additionally reported as a standalone line.

Determine 2: vRealize Operations aggregated utilization in Month-to-month Utilization Report


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