Vidmate MOD APK v5.0165 (Premium Unlocked) free for android

Vidmate MOD APK v5.0165 (Premium Unlocked) Introduction

So much of the content is available in the internet world as most popular social media and platforms like YouTube offer endless amounts of content in hours and a variety of terms. Users have full access to watch them and enjoy the network connectivity, but some problems arise due to the restriction and the limitation offered by all the platforms. Users want to have the entertainment and information from all the platforms, but as these platforms are premium and so, pirated content is not enough. Like YouTube and other outlets, the official version of the software does not allow users to download high-quality content. All kinds of content formats are available here, like videos, audio, images, games, etc.


Vidmate Mod Apk is one such application that allows the users to freely enjoy the online streaming and downloads of all content in multiple resolutions. Users will have access to download the content from thousands of certified websites and applications like YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., including content like reels, short videos, songs in MP3 format, pirated movies and shows, etc. The platform has all the languages to access like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, etc. it offers the users over 200+ Tv channels to watch and enjoy live. It has varied categories to choose from, WhatsApp status, top sites, add downloads, and simultaneous downloads of content. You can even download a whole playlist in one tap, multiple downloads and resolutions, an inbuilt video and audio player, a security box, and customizing interface.

Vidmate Mod Apk

Vidmate Mod Apk is an authentic alternate variant of the original application, which offers the users unmatchable content to download and endless to watch live in the streaming. This mod variant has many more hacked variants for the users so that you can download them for free. Here, you can enjoy all the premium benefits and advantages of the premium version so that users will have all the access to pro modes and methods. You can access any premium sites and applications to download content from them. The premium version offers the users the ads blocking policy, so all kinds of the ads are blocked and removed from the rooting is required while installing it. So it offers the antiban and the antivirus properties integrated into it. No lagging policy, and all the bugs are fixed.


Vidmate Mod Apk offers all kinds of premium downloading features and the process of watching them live so you can enjoy all the content here. We are discussing below some of the best advantages and benefits of the app so to let users figure out the exact servings of the platform;

Download endless content in varied format

Users can enjoy downloading any content in the application and then watch it at any place irrespective of the location, time, and network connectivity. The platform offers the users free capacity and an aligned system in the options to choose your recent downloads. Download the content from the most popular platforms and sites integrated through its protocols and offer you to choose and enjoy the availability of videos, audios, archives, movies, songs, games, applications, web versions, etc., and more.

Watch endless content in the playtime without downloading.

Vidmate Mod Apk offers the users the feasibility to download endless content on their device and watch any format of the videos from YouTube and any other platform in the app online in the playtime to have the exact idea of actual download. You all can watch anything live and enjoy everything on the circular platform for free. Tap on the videos and start watching, you can also search from the bar, and it saves your history to get anything back in the system.

Inbuilt premium video and audio player

Vidmate Mod Apk comes with the feasibility to enjoy all kinds of content in the application without any external needs. The application offers the inbuilt video player and audio format for the users to watch anything in the platform’s system. You can also customize your video and audio experience through various options available in the application like cropping, screen size, orientation, resolutions, lock screen, cut, decoders, and audio and subtitles values options. Moreover, the app has everything a person needs for entertainment in the access mode.

Live 200+ channels to watch and enjoy life.

The Vidmate Mod Apk has almost more than 200+ channels of various sections and genres to enjoy them live or mostly download the content from there for free. You can explore the channels in the genres that include fashion, movies, shows, songs, music, live news, sports, cartoons, the web, and more. The previous shows and servings of the platforms can be downloaded to watch in offline mode for free without any restrictions and limitations.

Multiple languages support and subtitles in various resolutions of content

Users in the Vidmate Mod Apk can enjoy all kinds of resolutions in the audio and video format to download and watch simultaneously, whatever you prefer. You can easily download the content from the available resolutions like MP4, HD, Ultra HD, 4k, 3gp, etc., and MP3 in various formats. It supports all the popular languages and cultural content from popular platforms like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, etc. watch subtitles of the movies and shows by downloading from the inbuilt link.

Inbuilt browsers and security box to hide

Vidmate Mod Apk offers the users the inbuilt browser to search any content and stuff on the platform and also provides the integration of the certified popular websites and applications like Whatsapp, FaceBook, Instagram, etc. There is a security box to hide your private content and stuff with a passcode so nobody can view what you have stored on the device. Many excellent features are there to explore in the app itself.


Downloads Vidmate Mod Apk to enjoy live streaming and downloading the content in all the methods of the approaches like videos, audios, status, etc., and all kinds of resolutions. Users will enjoy the serving of various downloads and inbuilt video players to play customized and adjustable videos and audios in them.
All the premium version benefits and advantages are unlocked for free in this mod, with no ads in the platform and antiban system.

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